Azimuth Lineage allows organizations to directly map all CFPB Exam Guide regulations to individual departments and controls.

Each identified section of the CFPB Exam Guide is managed to the subsection level and changes are identified, tracked, and updated.

Azimuth Validator can test your ENTIRE portfolio within minutes to determine if you are compliant with all CFPB regulations associated with the CFPB Servicing Module. Azimuth Validator replaces sample-based manual testing with full-population automated CFPB compliance testing.

Azimuth GRC Automates:

Continuously assess your portfolio to ensure CFPB Servicing Module compliance.

Azimuth GRC Platform
Azimuth GRC Platform

Case Study

Validator tested 99% more loans in less than 1% of the time!

Working with a large national financial institution Validator produced full-population automated compliance testing reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Validator did in 20 minutes what it would take 1 year and
500 people to complete

Azimuth GRC Example
Azimuth GRC Example

Key Features

Azimuth GRC Platform CFPB

CFPB Exam Guide Compliance

Azimuth Lineage and Validator is the only solution in the market to trace operational controls and perform automated CFPB compliance testing down to every requirement of the law.