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Find answers to common questions about our software platform, so you can better understand how Azimuth can help your organization manage risk, maintain compliance, and streamline operations.

Our test library spans the following consumer products: HMDA, Auto, Mortgage, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Boat/RV Loans, ATMs, Personal Loans, Deposits, Prepaid Cards, and 1071 – Small Business Loans.

Azimuth breaks down source law into unique database records at the lowest level of granualarity vs. a web page or PDF provided by other data providers. You can operationalize a database records into your processes and systems, which is difficult to do with a 16 page document.

We run our models every month to detect change in source law or regulations. When change is detected, our workflow tools determine if that change has any impact to requirements or tests.

We follow a simple 2 step process: 1) map your data to our data dictionary and 2) configure the test for any client data or business process nuances. Configuration typically requires 2 – 3 iterations. We recommend implementing from 30 – 40 tests at once, which typically takes 10 – 12 weeks.

We recommend you run the tests frequently to establish trends and prevent non compliance.

We are a cloud based Software as a Service platform.

We price our platform on a per test basis. You can run the test as frequently as you want.

We can provide test results as well as issues to GRC platforms through either an API or file.

As more process data becomes available, full-population testing is quickly becoming a regulatory standard. Do it now and get ahead of the curve.

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