FAQs | Azimuth GRC


Validator can test the entire mortgage loan portfolio daily.  The platform can handle several thousand to several million loans and provide detailed loan-level results in a real-time dashboard view to users.

Validator can test the entire mortgage loan portfolio for CARES Act and Federal CFPB Servicing compliance currently.  CFPB Origination and State full-population compliance testing will be available later this year.

Azimuth GRC ingests a complete inventory of all Federal and State statutes and regulations. Also included are agency regulations and guidelines including Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, NACHA, CFPB Exam Guide and other critical data sources.

Azimuth GRC ingests the same laws as the traditional data providers, but that is where the similarities end.  Other data providers deliver the laws in a .pdf format, making it challenging to operationalize.  Azimuth GRC divides each law down to the sub-section level and then turns each sub-section into its own database element.  This comprehensive process makes it possible to operational the laws across the entire organization. 

Azimuth GRC provides monthly updates of all laws.  Each updated section is redlined and includes full acceptance workflow.  Since Azimuth GRC has operationalized each law down to the sub-section level, updates are only pushed through to the specific department and associated control impacted by update.  Full audit and history trail are provided.

The Azimuth GRC platform is designed to be implemented simply and without the need for extra professional services.  Organizations can be up and running within 72 hours.  For Lineage, organizations can easily distribute the task of mapping their internal control environment to the business requirements of each law.  The exact timeframe is dependent upon the size and complexity of your organization.  For Validator, data files are securely sent to Azimuth GRC daily for fully automated compliance testing.  Set-up time to determine specific data parameters normally takes a few days.

Azimuth GRC platform is a software as a service (SaaS) application hosted in Microsoft Azure.  Each Azimuth GRC client has a dedicated application server and database, segregated from other Azimuth GRC clients. 

For OMNIA and Lineage, pricing is based on an annual subscription model with unlimited users.  For Validator, pricing is based on loan volume.  Not all clients require all functionality.  To be responsive to the different needs of our clients, we like to have a short discussion to get a better understanding of specific needs.