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Head of Marketing Strategy


Gurgaon, India

About Azimuth:

Azimuth GRC is revolutionizing the world of regulatory compliance with automated compliance management technology. Our innovative solution helps companies comply with federal and state laws and ensures that every customer receives fair and equitable experiences. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides Inclusive, Conducive and Diverse Work Culture. We proudly reward employees with equity compensation when the company succeeds. 

We are seeking stand-out individuals to join our well-funded, growing startup. Qualified candidates must possess an insatiable desire to innovate, execute and follow-through. The right candidates detest manual processes, outdated spreadsheets, mediocrity and moving at a glacial pace.

If you are interested in joining a team that is transforming the culture of compliance and driving equity, Azimuth GRC is for you. If this role suites your career aspirations, please apply to this position – our HR Team will contact you soon.


  • Lead and oversee the marketing operations of Azimuth GRC in the US.
  • Set marketing objectives and roadmaps, establish timelines, coordinate marketing teams, consult with internal and external parties, conduct extensive research and analyses, and develop strategic business plans to reach company goals.
  • Provide strategic supervision and a strong business approach to managing existing systems and developing enhanced models for future events.
  • Make decisions and delegate responsibilities among managers.
  • Develop campaigns, address advertising needs and developing marketing materials.
  • Ensuring brand consistency through all marketing channels
  • Support in campaign tracking and analysis and refining strategies to improve ROI and cost savings.
  • Refine customer segments leading to reduce marketing cost and increase ROI as well as lift in conversion rates.
  • Direct the identification and development of reporting and analytics packages measuring sales and marketing outcomes against business goals and metrics and forecast the market trends.
  • Recreate and deploy the marketing message and relate identity materials, translating it for those unfamiliar with e-business technology and terminology.
  • Research market to identify new opportunities and generate innovative ideas to promote brand and products

Qualification and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent combination of industry-related professional experience and education.
  • Master’s Degree in Management (Marketing / Business Analytics / Business Strategy)
  • At least 15 years’ experience as a Marketing Strategy professional in SAAS based IT Company.
  • Demonstrated skills of market research, portfolio, and digital marketing.
  • Proven ability to define and articulate an effective strategy, execute the strategy across departments, accurately measure the effectiveness of the plan, and optimize the strategy to achieve the defined goals.
  • Strong analytical skills, communication skills (verbal and written), presentation skills, and creativity.

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