Prevent Customer Harm

Credit Bureau Reporting: Preventing Customer Harm Through Full-Population Testing

Full-population testing is the responsible thing to do.

Does sample-based manual compliance testing ensure a fair and equitable experience for ALL customers?

No. Sample-based testing leaves room for unknowns that can significantly impact customers. It’s also impossible to know how many customers may be impacted with a sample-based approach.

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Scenario 1

  • Bank merger, banks on different instances of MSP
  • Same full population test applied to data from both portfolios and MSP instances
  • Tested for borrower protection during forbearance period and up to 6 months after, if
    actively seeking assistance


  • Testing identified business process and data differences between the two portfolios for a specific group of customers in forbearance
  • Conversion without this insight could have negatively impacted one group of customers, requiring post conversion manual cleanup

Scenario 2

  • Large consumer loan sub – servicer tested compliance to required response times for qualified requests
  • Requirements vary across states


  • Testing identified compliance issues
  • Business processes not designed to capture the data required to demonstrate compliance
  • Processes and training did not consider state specific differences in timing and conditions
  • Identified non–compliance trends across certain types of requests, e.g., email vs. letters

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