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Azimuth VALIDATOR: Navigate Compliance with Confidence

Mitigate the pitfalls that have entangled major financial institutions.

Unwarranted fees, withheld credit card rewards, and unauthorized account openings can lead to significant regulatory penalties and reputational damage.

Introducing Azimuth Validator

Azimuth Validator is designed to help your financial institution navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance.

Azimuth Validator Reporting

Automate Full-Population Testing
Against Regulatory Compliance Requirements

How it's Used​

Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation

Review your entire portfolio in minutes, ensuring full compliance with all laws and regulations. Prevent the charging of unnecessary fees, withholding of credit card rewards, and inadvertent opening of fake accounts

Thorough Internal Reviews

Conduct exhaustive internal reviews and horizontal testing in weeks, preparing your institution for regulatory assessments.

Frequent Testing

Identify and address regulatory and customer issues early, maintaining smooth operations.

The Power of Prevention

With Azimuth Validator, you can stay ahead of regulatory issues, protect your institution’s reputation, and preserve customer trust.

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Azimuth Validator