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Azimuth Validator for Regulators

Full-population testing is the only way to truly protect consumers.

Azimuth Validator for Regulators is the first platform to provide consistent data-driven supervision for regulatory compliance.

How it Works

How It's Used​

Azimuth provides interactive reporting with the capability to drill down to the loan-level, real-time dashboards, and advanced analytics across institutions.

Portfolio Level Analysis

Compare Institutions at a Portfolio Level (ex. forbearance)

Trend Analysis

Drill Down to Compare Institutions at a Test Level

Test Summary

Compare Institutions at the Test Level and Scroll Down to Compare Institutions at the Test Results Level

Increased Coverage

Protect consumers by testing every transaction across regulations.

By employing full-population testing, regulators can proactively identify and address potential issues, safeguarding consumer interests and fostering a secure and trustworthy environment.

Increased Coverage

Full-Population Testing vs. Sample Testing

Protect consumers by testing every transaction across regulations. 

Consider a portfolio of one million loans. To get a 95% confidence interval with a 5% error rate, you would only need to test 383 loans. That means you have 999,617 unknowns that could leave you open to risk.

Fairness and Equity

Ensure that consumers benefit from regulations, even ones they are not aware.

By fostering an environment where regulations work in favor of consumers, we can create a fair and secure marketplace that promotes trust and enhances overall consumer experiences.

More Frequent

Daily vs Yearly ​

Ensure consumers benefit from regulations, even ones they are not aware of more often.

Automated testing can happen daily where today’s manual process may limit to annual testing. Institutions can prevent both regulatory and customer issues through early detection and remediation, providing a fair and equitable experience for all customers.  


Unlock the power of consistent data-driven reporting across institutions.

Ensure a level playing field for all institutions through consistent testing data. By embracing the concept of consistent testing, Azimuth Validator promotes uniformity and efficiency in the examination process. 

Improved Efficiency

Fully-Automated vs Manual

Drive an efficient, data – driven examination process.

Despite advancements in technology, most entities still rely on sample-based compliance testing, primarily because they lack the tools to move away from outdated, manual processes. Validator solves this challenge by increasing productivity.

Automate Full-Population Testing
Against Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Azimuth simplifies the complexity of compliance.

Validator Offerings

Regardless of the asset class, Validator for Regulators ensures consistent data-driven supervision, promoting fairness and equity for consumers. Regulators can effortlessly access and analyze data, enabling them to make informed decisions in a matter of minutes. Embrace the power of Validator and revolutionize your regulatory processes, ensuring a level playing field and safeguarding consumer interests with transparency and efficiency.

  • ATMs
  • Auto
  • Boat/RV Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Deposits
  • HMDA
  • Mortgage
  • Personal Loans
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Student Loans
  • 1071 – Small Business Loans

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