Validator 1071

Turning challenges into opportunities.

Ensuring the accuracy of data origination is more important than ever. Validator 1071, a state-of-the-art solution that streamlines your data processes and sets the industry standard.

You are invited to be a part of our 1071 User Group. A collaborative initiative where:

Don't let regulatory compliance overwhelm you.
Azimuth helps you simplify it.

Why Choose Validator 1071?

Effortlessly map required source data from origination systems.

With Azimuth, you’re adopting a consistent solution that’s both cost-effective and efficient.

Azimuth is going to navigate the legal the intricate landscape for you with ease.

Save time, resources, and avoid the hassle of building from scratch.

Join Azimuth's Industry User Group for 1071:
Collaborate, Innovate and Save

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, staying compliant while ensuring efficiency is paramount. Azimuth is pioneering an industry user group for Section 1071, and we invite financial institutions to be a part of this transformative journey.

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Key Features

Understand source data requirements and their implications on origination and core platforms.

From CheckDigit Generation and Validation to GEOCode and NAICS, ensure every detail is in place.

Manage 81 fields based on 237 values seamlessly.

Submit electronic reports to CFPB with ease. Annual submissions by June 1 for the prior year, delivered in a CSV format.

Buy vs. Build

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, institutions face the critical decision of whether to build their own solutions in-house or invest in a ready-made platform. Here’s why choosing Azimuth’s platform stands out:

Speed to Market

Cost Efficiency

Experience & Expertise


Continuous Updates

Integrated Support

Validator 1071 Scope

Closed-end loans

Online credit products

Lines of credit

Merchant cash advances

Business credit cards

Credit products used for agricultural purposes by banks, credit unions, and other lenders