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Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform the way every industry manages regulatory compliance and provide a fair and equitable experience for every customer.

How? By revolutionizing compliance management.

We are the only company to replace sample based manual testing with automated full population compliance testing.

With our revolutionary platform, institutions can quickly test an entire portfolio and determine if it is compliant. 

See our suite of reporting and analytics capabilities for yourself.

See For Yourself...

We divide each law down to the sub-section level and then turns each sub-section into its own database element. This comprehensive process makes it possible to operationalize the laws across the entire organization.

Additionally, Azimuth provides full reporting, real-time dashboards, and advanced analytics to allow financial institutions to monitor the state of their compliance program.

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Azimuth provides interactive reporting, real-time dashboards, and advanced analytics across portfolios of tests.

Our dashboards provide direct access from portfolio to loan level detail in just two clicks.

Azimuth Validator Reporting test portfolio

Test Summary

Alignment Back to Source Law

Azimuth Validator Reporting tests summary

Loan Level Detail

Azimuth Validator Reporting loan level detail report

Why Azimuth Was Founded

Azimuth was founded in 2017 by Rohin Tagra, an experienced banker with more than 20 years in the financial services and banking regulatory space. After holding leadership roles at JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Lender Processing Services Inc. (nka Black Knight Financial Services), he realized that traditional compliance solutions failed to meet today’s regulatory compliance requirements. 

Additionally, the concept of automated full-population compliance testing was only found on the whiteboard. Rohin founded Azimuth to help financial services organizations better address the gaps in the regulatory change management process and to provide an easy-to-implement solution for full-population automated compliance testing.

Why Azimuth?

  • Leading Regulatory Technology

    Azimuth is revolutionizing the way companies manage compliance. We make it easier for organizations to meet their legal obligations with confidence and ease.

  • Comprehensive Compliance Platform

    We’re the only company to codify every state and federal law into a single, accessible platform. Organizations no longer navigate through complex legal codes or sift through disparate sources of legal information.

  • Transforming the Culture of Compliance

    We take manual compliance processes, typically managed on spreadsheets, and automate them. Organizations reduce errors and free up valuable time and resources.

Automate Full-Population Testing
Against Regulatory Compliance Requirements

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